Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, is a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics. Dr. Baloul provides preventative braces for children living in Boston, Brookline, Norwood, Framingham, MA and nearby communities, to guide permanent teeth into their proper position.

What is Preventative Orthodontics?

When baby teeth come in, permanent teeth are sitting just above them waiting for their turn to reveal themselves. In fact, baby teeth provide a guide for permanent teeth to come in correctly. Dr. Baloul recommends seeing children starting at age seven to evaluate their teeth. When teeth are over-crowded, or an accident causes an issue, preventative braces are often recommended to prevent more serious issues down the road. Preventative braces also correct other problems such as an overbite or jaw irregularities.

Why are Preventative Braces Needed?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist at age seven. At this point, they have some permanent teeth and most issues are noticeable. When the appearance of severe issues is present, orthodontists often suggest children wear preventative braces to correct small issues before they become major problems.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Preventative Braces?

The best way to determine if your child needs preventative braces is to schedule an orthodontic appointment with Dr. Baloul. Through an evaluation, x-rays and other exams, she can determine if your child needs preventative braces. This exam also allows Dr. Baloul to have a starting point to track your child’s oral development and plan a treatment program based on your child’s growth.

What Kind of Devices are Used with Preventative Braces?

Preventative braces help guide the development of the teeth and mouth structure. The two most frequently used devices with preventative braces are space maintainers and tongue cribs.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers keep teeth in position if a baby tooth is lost too early because of an accident, heredity or a cavity. When an instance causes a tooth to come out, a space maintainer keeps the space open so the other teeth don’t shift into the space where the missing tooth should be.

Tongue Cribs

Tongue cribs are placed in the mouth to prevent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or any other child’s habit that can negatively affect teeth alignment. The tongue crib is attached to the back molars on the top teeth with the front part of the crib preventing your child from pushing the teeth out.

How Much Do Preventative Braces Cost?

Preventative braces vary in cost based on the treatment, device used, and the amount of time your child’s treatment takes. We discuss the cost with you during a consultation along with our payment and financing options. We can help determine if your dental insurance covers a portion or the full cost of preventative braces.

If you live in Boston, Brookline, Norwood or Framingham, MA, or any nearby cities, and are concerned with the development of your child’s teeth, we recommend you schedule a consultation with Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics. Contact us today.