Lingual Braces Options Norwood MA

Lingual braces options there is a new form of cosmetic orthodontics out there that is revolutionizing the idea of getting braces. Mechanodontics has developed a new and more effective behind-the-teeth alternative to braces and aligners to help you smile with more confidence!

Mechanodontics is a set of braces that sit behind the teeth Lingual braces options can help realign the teeth. This is one of the most sophisticated forms of orthodontic technology, because they require computer simulations so that your orthodontist knows exactly how much pressure each tooth needs for a proper adjustment.

Lingual braces options | Mechanodontics

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Lingual braces Norwood MA

Lingual braces | Mechanodontics

Not only are they the most sophisticated, they are the most aesthetically inventive form of braces as well. Because they sit behind the teeth, they are invisible… way more invisible than Invisalign or clear/ceramic braces.

An additional bonus is that Lingual braces don’t use traditional wires to connect the brackets. This makes them both easier to clean as well as creating an opportunity for fewer appointments to work around your schedule. This also means that the treatment time is shorter because Mechanodontics are self-adjusting.

Lingual braces are also comfortable because they sit behind the teeth instead of on the teeth. Shorter treatment time, easier to clean, self-adjusting, and comfort? Why wouldn’t you want these types of braces?!?

And hey, if you want to find an expert in the application and use of Mechanodontics for cosmetic and alignment purposes, then you are in luck. Dr. Baloul at Elegant Ortho is the ONLY orthodontist in the Boston area with the training and experience to work with Mechanodontics.

A graduate of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Baloul is the preeminent expert of orthodontics in the larger Boston area. This makes her and her team the best orthodontics office in New England.

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