When braces are installed, elastic bands are placed around the brackets to hold the wires in place and straighten teeth. One of the more popular features of wearing braces is the ability to select the color of the elastic bands. At Elegant Orthodontics, Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, is a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics. Dr. Baloul offers colored braces for people living in Boston, Brookline, Norwood and Framingham, MA, as well as nearby cities, to make wearing braces more fun.

What are Colored Braces?

Rubber bands or ligature bands are often used to secure brackets to wires on conventional braces. These bands apply pressure to move your teeth into place. In the past, the bands were metal colored, but now the bands are available in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to personalize your braces.

Why Choose to Wear Colored Braces?

Colored bands for braces are very popular with children and teens. They allow patients to wear their favorite colors on their braces. This makes braces a little more fun to wear, and appointments more enjoyable since the colors can be changed at each visit.

How Do Colored Braces Work?

Colored braces are simply metal braces with colored elastic bands. Once the wires are in place, the bands are placed around brackets to keep them in place, so they can shift the teeth into the proper position. At each appointment, the bands are taken off to tighten the wire and new bands are attached in the same or a different color.

Who Chooses the Color for Colored Braces?

Patients decide which color to use with colored braces. Most patients choose their favorite color when they first get braces. Some suggestions include choosing darker colored ties for braces as they make teeth look brighter, selecting colors based on the upcoming holiday, or wearing the colors of your favorite sports team. You can change your color choice at each appointment.

Do Colored Braces Hurt?

Just like other types of braces, colored bands for braces may cause some initial discomfort when they are first applied and following each appointment. It only lasts a couple of days and is greatly diminished with pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

How Much Do Colored Braces Cost in Boston, MA?

The cost of colored braces is based on the extent of the issues being corrected and how long braces are worn. The colored bands used are part of the entire process of your treatment. We discuss the cost of braces during a consultation along with payment and financing options. For patients with dental insurance, we help determine whether there is any coverage for orthodontics to offset some of the cost. We strive to make quality orthodontic treatments as affordable as possible.

If you live in Boston, Brookline, Norwood or Framingham, MA, or the surrounding communities, and want to know more about colored braces, we recommend you schedule a consultation with Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD. Dr. Baloul is a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics and she can help you have a brighter smile. Contact us today!