Adult Treatment is most often people who have never had orthodontic treatment before, or have worn braces in the past but have experienced shifting in their teeth and need to revisit treatment to further perfect their smile. We offer adult orthodontic treatment to patients in and around Boston, Brookline, Norwood and Framingham, MA.

Planning for Adult Treatment

Adults who are considering orthodontic treatment may have to make certain lifestyle changes to ensure their treatments go smoothly and they can achieve the results they are looking for. This can include making time for regular appointments. Some treatments, such as braces, require appointments approximately once a month, which may be difficult for adults with demanding work schedules and other commitments. Patients should also expect to alter their diet, as sticky and crunchy foods can damage braces and impair the treatment process. Finally, patients should plan to spend longer time than usual. Having appliances on the teeth can make it more difficult to brush and floss thoroughly, but good hygiene is important to the treatment process.

Adult Treatment Options

One of the most important decisions adult patients need to make is which treatment they will follow. The options available include:

Each patient may find a certain treatment works for them better than others. These options vary based on the materials used and how often they are worn. Invisalign® aligners are far less visible than traditional metal braces, but may need to be worn for longer to achieve the same results. Some appliances are easier to care for than others. All of these are things to take into account before beginning a treatment.

Health is Still a Priority

Regardless of the alignment of the teeth, the health of the gums and teeth should be your first priority. For example, patients with gum disease should address their oral health before resorting to treatments to fix the alignment of their teeth. These treatments can make oral hygiene more difficult, so it is important you are in good health before beginning. Having straight teeth will not make them healthy, but there are many easy options to develop a healthy mouth, and Dr. Baloul is here to help you every step of the way.

Susan Baloul, DMD, MS, DScD, a dual-trained specialist in orthodontics and periodontics at Elegant Orthodontics, treats adults in the Boston, Brookline, Norwood and Framingham, MA areas with orthodontics to straighten teeth and correct a misaligned bite or jaw.

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